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William Levy drinks a Pepsi … you’re welcome!

William Levy

William Levy

People en Español’s 2011 sexiest man of the year, actor William Levy, invited Los Angeles locals and fans to have a fling with flavor by serving up first sips of new Pepsi NEXT Paradise Mango™ and Cherry Vanilla, fresh off his third place finish on Dancing with the Stars. Levy gave fans two more unbelievable reasons to “Drink It to Believe It,” by sharing the summertime-only flavors and the real cola taste America loves with 60% less sugar than Pepsi-Cola.

To share which Pepsi NEXT Flavor you’d like to have a fling with this summer, visit or follow or Tweet Pepsi NEXT on Twitter via @pepsinext.

William Levy

William Levy

The winner of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ is …

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Donald Driver! But you either already knew that because you actually watch Dancing with the Stars, or you didn’t because you’re either rabidly devoted to this show or you don’t really care but are kind of interested who wins. Us Weekly reports:

Finally, it was time to announce the winner. The judges’ scores were combined with fan votes and William Levy came in third place. “It was an amazing experience,” he said. “I’m going to miss all of you.” And the winner of Season 14 of Dancing With the Stars is … Donald Driver! “Yes!” he shouted, holding up the Mirror Ball trophy. Second place winner Katherine Jenkins said, “Thank you to everybody for having me on the show. It’s been an absolute dream.”

Yay, I guess. To be honest, I’m kind of sad they didn’t have villain this year who was hilariously bad that made the show infinitely watchable. Remember Bristol Palin? Kate Gosselin? Nancy Grace? Now that was failure we could get behind, but NO. All we got this year was talent. Shame on you, ABC! SHAME!

Donald Driver

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