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Who wants to see Shia LaBeouf naked?

Oh look, famous people naked. Awesome. Anyway, here’s Shia LaBeouf's completely nude in the NSFW music video for Sigur Rós' track Fjögur píanó which I had to spell by copy and pasting the title because my laptop can’t even put double dots over an o without me hammering at the keyboard like a drunken pianist. Anyway, you can call this “artsy” and deep all you want (in all fairness, this is a great song) but nothing you say will ever wash away the fact that Shia will forever be known for going “NO NO NO” in three Transformers movies. THREE. TRANSFORMERS. MOVIES. I don’t care how many Icelandic art house music videos you flash your junk in, you cannot erase that kind of shame.

Shia LaBeouf

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