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William Levy drinks a Pepsi … you’re welcome!

William Levy

William Levy

People en Español’s 2011 sexiest man of the year, actor William Levy, invited Los Angeles locals and fans to have a fling with flavor by serving up first sips of new Pepsi NEXT Paradise Mango™ and Cherry Vanilla, fresh off his third place finish on Dancing with the Stars. Levy gave fans two more unbelievable reasons to “Drink It to Believe It,” by sharing the summertime-only flavors and the real cola taste America loves with 60% less sugar than Pepsi-Cola.

To share which Pepsi NEXT Flavor you’d like to have a fling with this summer, visit or follow or Tweet Pepsi NEXT on Twitter via @pepsinext.

William Levy

William Levy

Pepsi is bringing back Michael Jackson

Hey, remember that time Michael Jackson was shooting a commercial for Pepsi, then his hair caught on fire, thus sparking what many believe to be the catalyst for his fall from grace? Well, keep that in mind as you read this story about how Pepsi will use Michael’s image in a new ad campaign. Via Huffington Post:

PepsiCo Inc. is going on a reunion tour with The King of Pop. The Purchase, N.Y.-based company on Thursday announced its deal with the estate of Michael Jackson to use the late pop star’s image for its new global marketing push. The nature of the promotion will vary by country, but will include special edition cans bearing Jackson’s image, a TV ad in some markets and chances to download remixes of some of Jackson’s most famous songs.

Pepsi, which first partnered with Jackson in 1983, did not disclose the terms of its deal with the singer’s estate.

The promotion is part of a global marketing blitz planned for the year ahead by Pepsi, which is looking to revive its brand and win back market share from The Coca-Cola Co. Next week, Pepsi is also launching a TV ad featuring singer Nicki Minaj and announcing details of its partnership with Twitter to stream concerts online.

And that’s all I need to say about that. Feel free to fill in the gaps yourselves, because I’m not touching this one with a ten-foot pole.

Michael Jackson - Pepsi

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