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Channing Tatum’s ‘Magic Mike’ flash mob

It’s a really good thing Magic Mike is supposed to be a great movie, because I’m starting to get sick of hearing about it. And I never thought I would get sick of hearing about hot famous people naked. What’s wrong with me? Whatever. Channing Tatum and Joe Mangianello were on the Today Show to promote the movie, when a “spontaneous” flash mob as lead by Tatum broke out. The weirdest part: no one took off their shirt. You’re promoting a movie about strippers, the least you can do is tear your shirt off.
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Channing Tatum - Magic Mike

Dorito Foreplay w/ Joe Manganiello & Kylie Minogue

Full disclosure: Doritos are the grossest thing ever in theory. There’s something about weird greasy chips covered in cheese powder that I find inherently unsettling, although this fact will not stop me from eating an entire bag if I eat so much as one. It’s a slippery slope. Anyway, here’s a clip of Kylie Mingoue eating one off True Blood hottie Joe Manganiello's prosthetic tummy on The Soup, because WUT DA FUQ.

Joe Manganiello and Kylie Minogue

Joe Manganiello loves wearing thongs!

Proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that we’re basically the alternate dimension evil twin of every straight, boob-obsessed gossip blogger out there (true story: if you put an evil goatee on that guy who writes The Superficial, we’d be completely identical) here’s a story about Joe Manganiello talking about wearing a thong for Magic Mike. On a sidenote, how do you guys feel about the tagline, “PopBytes: Because where else will you find Joe Manganiello’s nut-hugger?” People reports:

For True Blood's Joe Manganiello, playing a stripper for the upcoming movie Magic Mike meant wearing a thong for the first time. “I wore these little thongs that literally go up your butt, and it definitely takes getting used to,” Manganiello, 35, told People at the IWC Schaffhausen watch boutique opening in New York. “It was uncomfortable at first. It sort of felt like a wedgie,” he said, “but once you get into the routine of wearing one, you know what to do and you just do your thing. We all had to suffer a bit for our craft.”

To whoever decided that a movie full of hot famous men in thongs would be a good idea: I owe you everything I have. Thank you good sir or madame.

Joe Manganiello

Let’s talk about Joe Manganiello’s penis!

Yup, don’t need to change that headline. Hey, we know our audience. You’re all here because you want to hear about Joe Manganiello and how he’s going to be shaking his thing in the upcoming male stripper movie, Magic Mike (alongside fellow hotties Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey, and Matt Bomer). And yes, I have already reserved my ticket. Get it girl. OUT magazine reports:

Joe Manganiello plays Big Dick Richie. He demurs when asked if he stuffed his G-string to fill out the challenging sobriquet. “Um, I’ll let everybody see the movie and they can decide,” he says sheepishly. He insists that no waxing was involved, however. “I don’t have any body hair,” he explains. “It stops at my neck. I’m part Sicilian and Armenian.” Manganiello’s Greek-sculpture physique worked well with the part. “It’s incredible what kind of shape he’s in,” says the director, Steven Soderbergh. “The joke on the set was he was walking CGI. At one point, we have him painted gold, and it’s pretty cool.” But his body didn’t get him the role.

So let me get this straight: Someone got Joe naked, then painted him gold. How has Hollywood not already lined up, like, four sequels to this movie? There is absolutely no way in hell this movie will not earn millions of dollars. Because of the penis. The golden penis.

Joe Manganiello - Out Magazine

Joe Manganiello: A ‘Muscle & Fitness’ monster!

FitnessBytes with Wes FergusonNaturally huge bitches like Joe Manganiello are the reason so many guys do steroids. This dude stands at six and a half feet tall and trained DOWN to 220 pounds. He’s a monster!

Joe Manganiello - Muscle & Fitness

If there were anyone deserving a Muscle & Fitness cover, well, wait until next month (just kidding Joe!). The actor was interviewed by the men’s fitness magazine for a very hardcore feature on his transformation for True Blood (see celebrity body transformation pics on my blog).

The program is a six-days-on, one-day-off body-part split-with cardio done every day; broken into three workouts to be performed twice per week: chest and legs on Monday and Thursday, shoulders and biceps on Tuesday and Friday, and back and triceps on Wednesday and Saturday — coupled with a restricted-calorie diet. M&F literally warns people the routine should only be done in limited periods of time.

This kind of training is completely insane — but proven quick fixes if you’re looking to really push yourself. It’s totally impressive and really interesting to see how far some people can push themselves, but training like this isn’t realistic for the average person looking to maybe lose a few pounds or just get into better overall shape.

Joe Manganiello is a beast, basically, and you’ll never look like him. But if you’re insane enough to give it a go, his entire routine is detailed in the new Muscle & Fitness!

Please visit BetterBy30 for daily health and fitness tips! *W*


Work it out with hottie Joe Manganiello!

Who else caught the fourth season premiere of True Blood last night?! I thought it was a great episode, and although I’m totally Team Eric Northman (played by the oh so sexy Swede Alexander Skarsgård), coming in a close second is definitely werewolf Alcide Herveaux played by super hottie Joe Manganiello! Just look at him all ripped, buff and shirtless in the hot workout video below from Details magazine!

Unless you’re living under a rock, it’s not news that True Blood’s Joe Manganiello has become a sensation this summer TV season. With his lean, mean, hungry-like-a-werewolf look, he’s got everyone talking. Check out the video above for an exclusive behind-the-scenes video of Joe in the gym doing his now infamous workout, which includes diamond push-ups, cable flys and one crazy crunch! Get Joe’s tips for working out on an empty stomach and the modified dip move that’s responsible for his incredibly chiseled abs!

Joe Manganiello

'True Blood' season 4 starts tonight!

Are you ready to show your true colors tonight for the 4th season of HBO's hit series True Blood? Just last night I caught the 3rd season’s final episode again to refresh my memory, I’m dying to see what’s going to transpire this time around, with a coven of witches added to the supernatural mix. Below you’ll find the new season’s trailer along with an eight-minute sneak peek of tonight’s premiere episode! I’m totally Team Eric Northman (played by the sinfully delicious Swede Alexander Skarsgård), whose team are you on?!

True Blood - Season 4

True Blood - Season 4

True Blood - Season 4

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