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George Lucas ignored Patton Oswalt

If you’ve never heard comedian Patton Oswalt's bit about why the Star Wars prequels simply didn’t work, what is wrong with you? Why don’t you enjoy the nice things we have? I BLAME YOU FOR THINGS! Anyway, here it is now. Do yourself a favor and listen to it now.

See? Hilarious! Anyway, Patton was asked about how the people at LucasArts dealt with it, and it turns out? They have no idea he ever said anything. Via Huffington Post:

You got a lot of attention about your comedy routine on the “Star Wars” prequels. Did you ever hear anything one way or another from LucasArts?

No, I never got any feedback. Not even from employees. So either he didn’t find out about it, because he’s a multibillionaire — why would you care what a comedian thinks? — or he found out about it and there’s an embargo on opinions. Who knows? Who knows?

But you did become the sounding board for many a disappointed fan.

Well, there were a lot of disappointed fans that were sounding boards for each other on that. So, it wasn’t just me. That was kind of the whole chorus that was going on at the time. I feel like I was one of¬†many¬†voices [laughs].

It’s easy to just say that George Lucas just didn’t hear about it, but I’m going to go ahead and say that maybe he just got mixed up with a certain other director named Lucas …

George Lucas: “Hey, Michael, did you hear about what Patton Oswalt said about you? That dude HATES you.”
Michael Lucas: “But. .. but why?”
George: “I don’t know, but he wants to kill you with a shovel.”
Michael: “I don’t… just … but why?!”
George: “I don’t know, probably because my Star Wars prequels were so awesome. Anyway, I’m going to go re-edit the original Star Wars movies so that Jar Jar Binks will keep popping up and screaming “WAZZAP!” at emotionally integral moments. I’m rich! *Hangs up*”

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