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So it seems I’ve been on a movie kick lately, apparently there’s a lot of good films playing now, here’s some quick thoughts on three of them. (Next up is To Rome With Love and The Dark Knight Rises!)

Moonrise Kingdom

Gosh, I just love Wes Anderson's quirky and charming films, and Moonrise Kingdom is one of his best to date! It’s the simple tale of two twelve-year-olds (newcomers Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward) who develop a crush on each other and decide to run off together. Mr. Anderson truly crafted an amazingly detailed world that’s just a bit removed from reality, a small island off the coast of New England that almost becomes a character in itself, a magical meticulously styled place set in the year 1965. As for the cast, it couldn’t be more perfect with Ed Norton, Bruce Willis, Frances McDormand and juicy bit parts from (super cutie) Jason Schwartzmann and Tilda Swinton. The whole thing was so sweet and endearing (and thrilling to look out with a perfect soundtrack and score from Alexandre Desplat), I think it will definitely be a contender when it comes to Oscar time!

Moonrise Kingdom

The Amazing Spider-Man

To be honest, I had no desire to see a reboot of Spider-Man, yet I kept hearing really great things about The Amazing Spider-Man, so I decided to see what all the fuss was about. Surprisingly, I loved it! Hands down one of the best superhero films ever! Andrew Garfield was perfectly cast as Peter Parker, he’s adorably geeky and brought a lot to the role, way better than Tobey Macguire's somewhat stoic and awkward performance. Plus Emma Stone shined as the love interest, her chemistry with Garfield was flawless. To top it all off, it was great to see Sally Field back up on the silver screen as Parker’s Aunt! I wasn’t bored for a second, the 3D action sequences were stunning, I’m seriously looking forward to the next film, this reboot was one of the smartest moves ever!

The Amazing Spider-Man


Up until a few weeks ago, I didn’t even realize that Oliver Stone directed Savages! He’s definitely one of my favorite directors, in fact I saw Natural Born Killers about ten times at the theatre when it came out back in the fall of 1994 (when I first started living in NYC for college). Being a huge fan of Stone’s films, this for sure was one of his best! It was a great story (based on a novel by Don Winslow), everything was super stylish and well-executed, the soundtrack kicked ass and the cast was top-notch! I especially enjoyed Salma Hayek's performance, and Blake Lively (of Gossip Girl fame) really held her own, I think she has huge potential to become a big movie star. Then there’s the two hottie male leads Taylor Kitsch and Emile Hirsch, along with strong supporting performances from John Travolta and Benicio Del Toro. The violence was way over the top and in your face, the sex scenes were explicit and hot, do not miss the chance to see Stone’s triumphant cinematic return!


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The Amazing Spider-Man

One of the world’s most popular characters is back on the big screen as a new chapter in the Spider-Man legacy is revealed in The Amazing Spider-Man™. Focusing on an untold story that tells a different side of the Peter Parker story, the new film stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary, Campbell Scott, Irrfan Khan, with Martin Sheen and Sally Field. The film is directed by Marc Webb from a screenplay written by James Vanderbilt and Alvin Sargent and Steve Kloves from a story by James Vanderbilt, based on the Marvel Comic Book by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Laura Ziskin, Avi Arad, and Matt Tolmach are producing the film in association with Marvel Entertainment for Columbia Pictures, which will open in theaters everywhere in 3D on July 3, 2012.

The Amazing Spider-Man is the story of Peter Parker (Garfield), an outcast high schooler who was abandoned by his parents as a boy, leaving him to be raised by his Uncle Ben (Sheen) and Aunt May (Field). Like most teenagers, Peter is trying to figure out who he is and how he got to be the person he is today. Peter is also finding his way with his first high school crush, Gwen Stacy (Stone), and together, they struggle with love, commitment, and secrets. As Peter discovers a mysterious briefcase that belonged to his father, he begins a quest to understand his parents’ disappearance – leading him directly to Oscorp and the lab of Dr. Curt Connors (Ifans), his father’s former partner. As Spider-Man is set on a collision course with Connors’ alter-ego, The Lizard, Peter will make life-altering choices to use his powers and shape his destiny to become a hero.

The Amazing Spider-Man

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Andrew Garfield was inspired by Spidey porn!

I don’t really have anything against porn parodies, save for when you do them way too often for the sake of publicity, at which point it starts being something of a one-trick pony. There are some good ones, but they usually work better if the sex naturally fits into the source material’s universe, as opposed to when it’s shoe-horned in awkwardly. Also, they make buttloads of money, because apparently sex is hotter when the performers are dressed like people you’ve seen on TV. “Oh my gosh, that lady looks like the chick from The Big Bang Theory! That makes it so much better!” said no one ever. Anyway, Andrew Garfield somehow managed to fully form his character in The Amazing Spider-Man by watching the porn parody, because everything you learned in acting classes is wrong. Starpulse reports:

Garfield tells, “I watched it a few times. I watched it more from an inspirational stand point than from a sexual standpoint. I think you can find inspiration from anywhere when it comes to this character because it’s everyone’s; it belongs to everyone.” And Braun is thrilled his film could help the Brit find his Spider-Man. The X-rated moviemaker tells WENN, “This is totally awesome. It goes a long way to validate my efforts to reach out to a different demographic than the typical porn consumer, and to do justice to a character that I love. Thank you Andrew for the massive ego stroke.”

Well, it might be a bit weird to say you derived inspiration from a porn parody, but hey, it’s still a helluva lot better than deriving your entire movie from a board game. Isn’t that right, Battleship? And also Candyland. Holy crap, that movie is going to suck and it is going to suck HARD.

Andrew Garfield

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